I Found a G1!

So, on Sunday my dad dragged myself and my brother up to Brighton to go to a church up there and meet my other brother for a bit. And we went into ‘The Laines’ which are one of my favourite places to go now, there’s so much interesting stuff down there. I found a sign pointing to an ‘open every day flea market and antique shop’ which piqued my curioisty as there’s normally something cool to be found.

We went in and I found a shelf that had a small wicker basket with some McDonald’s MIB toys, I moved them to the side and found something very familiar for the sum of £1.50
G1 Shady. I was very happy as it was the first time in ages I’d found a second hand G1 and she is in really nice condition.

I admit, Shady is a pony that when I’ve seen her in photos I’ve though ‘nah, she’s not my style’ as I thought she looked rather a bit too bright but when I found her in person she’s actually pretty neat, she is to me an embodiement of the ‘spirit of the 80’s’ with her bright colours.

Also, near my college a new charity shop has opened up, hopefully I can sneak in there tomorrow and see what’s there.


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