I’m Going to do a Pony Cosplay

So, my friends and I are heading back to MCM Expo for October. I did want to do an Assassin’s Creed Cosplay but I never got around to working on it and it’s a costume that would have probably taken months of work as I would have had to make it all pretty much from scratch. I then dabbled around with dressing up as the Mad Hatter which would have been plausible but probably been a bit hard to find stuff for it.

But now I’ve decided. Inspired by this awesome image
of someone cosplaying as G1 Bubbles I want to make a cosplay of G1 Applejack. Thankfully this won’t need me to make too much apart from trousers, fleece hat with ears and long gloves as I have a unworn white vest I can dye and I can get myself a cheap pair of white canvas trainers as well. I’ve found the fabric I need, but I need to do some hunting for the fleece as my local fabric store doesn’t seem to stock orange and I need to find fake fur for the tail unless I can think of something else.

But anyway, I’m super exicted about making this costume it should be fun, and of course Applejack will be my guest of honour and travel with me in my pocket.

Oh yeah, I meant to post about a new fakie I found, I’ll get to that soon, I swear!


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