And I Shall Call Her Mini Me…

Did a very brief charity shop crawl this morning (went into three of the ones in my local highstreet that are pretty much next to each other) and found this.
For those who don’t recognise her she is a Bratz Pony. I never liked the dolls (frankly they looked rather ugly) but I’ve come to like the ponies and the horses that were part of the range. I think I like the ponies as they’re ‘so ugly they’re kind of cute’. Why Mini Me? Because she’s the tiny version of an identical big Bratz styling pony that I got ages ago.

Oh yeah and I unearthed these old photos of a carosel that was at a local funfair quite a while ago. Cool huh?

That’s it for now, I’m counting down the days to Doomsday, uh I mean college induction day which is next Monday. Two more years… just two more years… XD


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