Of Curls, Trades, Beanie Babies, Herd Counts, Fakies and Ponies Taking Over my Room

Okay, so there’s a few pony things for me to mention from the last week so let’s get this started.
As you know I tried my hand at ‘straw curls’ and so I did a few more and they went pretty well
Periwinkle was an attempt to do lots of small curls using one ‘stripe’ of hair at a time and boy was that fiddly!
I went looking in a charity shop that’s somewhere the dog gets walked often, no ponies but I did find this cute red panda beanie baby
I recieved Rainbowberry in the post along with a super cute Applejack badge that was made for me as an extra. I still need to sort out my half of my trade but the annoying thing is my Asda has sold out of Dollymix, but thankfully my partner is being really paitent but if anyone who works at Asda, Ashford reads this, please would you mind restocking the Dollymix? I need it!
And here’s something new. There’s a range of fakies around called ‘Twilight Ponies’ which are pretty darned cute. They have toys, little plushies, charm bracelets and these. I decided to grab one and see what was in there.
Okay so that’s a week worth of ‘pony news’ summed up in a post. Phew. Oh yeah the ponies are taking over my room now, they’re occupying the top shelf of my wardrobe and the flat ‘shelf’ above my bed. Oh yeah and I did a herd count turns out I now own 107ish (as I realise now I missed off some of my ponies) ponies and most of those are G3’s.

And I’m trying to pursade my parents to take me to UK Ponycon, at the moment its standing at a ‘we’ll see’ I can afford my own ticket but as I can’t drive and don’t know Birmingham at all I need to try and bug a lift. Wish me luck!


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Doodlebug
    Dec 19, 2010 @ 04:38:28

    Wow, your G3s look GORGEOUS!

    That Twilight Pony is really interesting. I’d like to know more about her.


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