Someone is Using my Name on Ebay!

Okay, this is just a ‘Public Internet Service Announcement’ normal programing will resume… sometime.

As you probably know I use the internet name ‘starrypawz’ I’ve used the name since ’04. I recived a message today on the My Little Pony Arena asking me if I was ‘Starrypawz’ on Ebay as I won a bid on a pony and they hadn’t heard from me in a month.

I shall put this simply.

I am not an Ebay member, and this person is not me. I have no idea where they got the name from, I do in a way doubt them ‘making it up’ but who knows, it seems weird the name is identical apart from the capitial at the start of it. And them being a pony collector and some other stuff is making me go ‘huh?’ but I’m not them. So please remember this message.

So yeah, strange bunch of ‘concidences’ and I am not ‘Starrypawz’ on Ebay.


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