Kiwi Tart’s New ‘Do

*insert cheesy theme music*
So, today on ‘Pony Salon’ we’ve taken to the streets to look for ponies who want a new look. Today we have found Kiwi Tart
So Kiwi, why do you want a new look?
‘Well, I feel I don’t really stand out from the herd y’now, you see I’m pretty unique, I’m zesty and bright but I feel this factory curl look just doesn’t fit me, I’d like to look like a Candy Cane Pony, those gals had style… *sigh*’
Now, we’re at the salon and Kiwi Tart has just been prepared for her makeover, she’ll look like a new pony when we’re done.
Okay, now here she is
‘I feel like something out of a Lady GaGa video, how long will I need to stay like this?’
Oh not that long, just until them morning…
Okay, now here she is with her new look, Kiwi, what do you think?
‘Oh My God! I love it!’
*cue stupid music and photomontage*
*ending credits*

(Excuse my bad parody of a makeover show, it seemed appropriate)


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