Caved, what do you mean starry?
As in, I caved and brought my first, and probably only G3.5.
I have to admit, out of these G3.5/Bobble heads/freaky ponies that Starsong is one of the cuter ones. And that she was one of the G3.5’s I’d probably have brought and well out of the Core 7’s I do like her the most. Along with Rainbow Dash and Sweetie Belle.
I do admit, the devil is in the details with her, like her feet and her cute little wings
And she does look rather cute nestled in with some of the rest of my collection staring at me from my bedside dresser.

Oh, and this week I got a pony in the mail that has been a ‘sorta grail’ since I first saw her, Dancing Butterflies, now all I need is her baby. 😛
I looove the curl she has.

And, today I had some fun. I picked up 6 Dollymix packets as I’m trading with someone and I agreed on four packs for a G3, so I opened them up as my trade partner just wants the ponies, with the intention of ‘four for them and two for me’ I’ve ended up with THREE Hearthrobs, one for the partner, one for me and one to trade off (most likley)


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