My ‘To Do List’

So, I’ve got the procrastination skills of something, uh very good at procrastinating.
This is not good though, as I’ve realised as well as the ongoing task of cleaning my room, I swear it gets to a certain point and then suddenly it’s all down around my ears again. I have a good chunk of ‘pony chores’ to do. Over a small period of time there’s been a plastic box in the bottom of my wardrobe that slowly but surely has filled up over the last few months of ponies. Some of the poor little things have been langushing in there in various states of unclenliness for at least a year.
So what needs doing?

  • I need to sort through the box of ponies and fakies, work out who is cleanable, who is a duplicate and what other stuff I wish to sale or trade
  • Start cleaning, it’s a mixture of simple ‘wash and brush up’ to ‘needs sunfading’
  • Photograph the ones that I wish to sell or trade
  • Make some sort of inventory of who I have… maybe I should updating the pony dex
  • Make a ‘hard copy’ (maybe on computer) of who from my wantlist I’ve gotten…
  • Photograph my collection
  • Probably sort through the various odd bits of merchandise I own

So yeah, not enough hours in the day and so many jobs to do. I really do admire those members of the collecting community who seem to be able to get on top of everything… I really need to kick my little butt into gear


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