Goodbye Crinkled Tinsel!

So yesterday someone came up with a guide to dealing with the dreaded ‘crinkled tinsel’ that so often plauges our ponies so I tried it out and this is the result.
Okay there’s still a few bits but it’s much better than this
Photobucket and thisPhotobucket and this Photobucket

So how did I achieve this much nicer, less crinkled tinsel look? It was a simple matter of being armed with a pair of tweezers and some spare time and lightly pulling each tinsel strand to straighten it out, and then trimming if necessary. Here’s the tutorial I used BeBeDasha’s Tinsel Straightening Tutorial
Also, you may notice a few extra pages, I have a mad plan to make some ‘resource’ pages to help out. Will probabaly keep me busy for a good while 😛


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