I Do Good?

Today was a classic case of ‘cool stuff turns up in unlikley places’ today I was at my local Blockbuster searching through the £3.00 clearance bins to see if they had any good films. After nosing around for a while and not finding much apart from the usual mix of kids films, Spiderman, X Men movies, random rom coms, and the classic ‘same movie that they seem to have an unusal overstook of’ and some random horror films something caught my eye. I picked it up and couldn’t believe what I’d found.

The collectors edition for Final Fantasy Advent Children!

I admit I was pretty suprised to find it. They’re was also a copy of Studio Ghibli’s ‘Earth Sea’ in there too, which I shall go back for tomorrow.

Also, there’s a cute looking G3 Twinkle Hope looking at me imploringly from the MLPArena classified ads, maybe in a week or two if she’s still there. I’m very suprised I hadn’t seen her before as she’s stunning!


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