Excited to Buy from Stores Again!


As there is a new range of ‘dollymix’ ponies out. For those not in the know last year a company started realeasing little core 7 ponies in boxes with candy and comb. You didn’t know who’d you get.

Clearly the idea worked as they’ve made new ones. These ones are actually re releases of the G1’s and there are 20 (however seems that on the Arena that we’ve found 10 in cirrculation so far, so maybe the rest will come later). I found out about these guys a few days back and as they were apparently found in ASDA I was especially excited as I’d be able to get them.

So today when I went shopping with my dad I picked up a packet, (trust me, it was quite tempting to pick up more than one!)
I found itty bitty Glory with her awesome mismatched mane and tail!

It’s nice to have something new in stores that is:

  • cute
  • affordable (£1.50 aprox a pack)
  • and featuring the ‘Classics’

I don’t normally go for sets but this is an exception so to quote Pokemon I’m ‘gonna catch ’em all’ (or at least as many as possible and trade or buy for the rest)
(I’m hoping a mini Applejack shows up soon!)

Hopefully this is a sign for Hasbro that releases of old ponies are in fact good and people will buy them!


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