So I Went to MCM Expo 17…

Yesterday was a first time experience for me and a group of freinds.

Going to an anime convention. Would I go again? Hell yeah! (we’re planning on going to the same one again in October)

We went to MCM Expo 17 at the Excel Centre in London. We found out about in in Jan/Feb from a poster in my college. We looked into it, the tickets were only £13.oo for early entry so what the hell?

However early entry proved unneded as we didn’t get there until about 10/11am (patly due to one of my freinds getting misdirected by her TomTom when looking for my friend’s house)

Getting there was simple enough, hopping on for Charing Cross, jumping on Embankment to Tower Hill and then using the Docklands Light Railway straight to the place pretty much. Travel worked out pretty cheap as we brought 4 off peak travel cards which ran at £50.80 all together. Which was a lot cheaper than we thought.

When we got there we got stuck in the ‘world’s longest queue’ which was fodder for a video which hopefully by the time I’m done will be uploadable on youtube… (why does it take so long for youtube to upload)

There were tonnes of awesome cosplays, some of the best ones were:

  • Chouji
  • Kakashi
  • Dante
  • Bayonetta
  • Dr Who (two whos) and a weeping angel
  • Mario and Luigi
  • A Xenomorph
  • Jack Sparrow

I didn’t get as many pics as I would have liked but I did get these:

And yes I did spend moneyon Naruto stuff (okay and Totoro plushies) there was so much more stuff I would have brought (if they have them in October I’m buying a Pakun plushie)

And wait whats this that I found there?
Yes A MLP, the first one I’ve found for ages (not been down the bootfair for a while and had no thrifting luck) and someone off my want list whose near mint

There was a world record attempt for the ‘biggest DS party’ but as I was the only one in my group of freind’s who remembered a DS I didn’t join in. (I do wonder if the record was set/broken though)

So yeah overall it was a good day got back about 4pm as we decided after a few hours to head back. My friend’s want to go back in Ocotober and at least two of us will cosplay (I have an idea already, which I’ll be starting work on)

We’ve learned:

  1. Get there early
  2. Cosplay
  3. Bring more money
  4. Be prepared for a huuuuge queue
  5. People will try to bug for free hugs whilst you’re in the queue
  6. Yaoi paddlers are real (I saw one on the way out)
  7. Shop around the stalls (my friend shelled out £15 for a Naruto forehead protector, I got one identical somewhere else for £5)
  8. IT’S LOUD!
  9. Xenomorphs like hugs
  10. You will see at least one really skinny guy dressed up like a girl
  11. The start of the queue will most likley be really far back in the centre
  12. You know you’re on the right DLR train when about 10 cosplayers get on
  13. We probabaly should have got off on London Bridge

But still, good day, would reccomend this con and I want to go again!

Aha, finally the video of the queue line… be paitent as it’s apparently still processing…


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