A Moment of Panic

This weekend I had a moment of panic that I think many MLPer’s have had on either side of the buying and selling thing.

The sinking feeling a package had gone lost in the post. Essentially in April I sent out a package to an US member of the Arena and it seemed to be just as that stupid volcano blew.

Anyway on this Sunday they asked me ‘heey do you have a tracking number, as my package hasn’t turned up yet’

Immediatley I thought ‘crud!’ and immediatley thought ‘it’s gone missing!’

So I was making plans in my head about how long I should tell the buyer to wait before agreeing to refund her the money. And that was niggling on my mind all day.

Then today I log into the Arena and I get a PM, the ponies arrived but the Royal Mail seemed to have manhandled the package, but the main thing is the ponies were still intact.

It was such a worry though, I’ve had something sent to me go missing. It’s just one of those eternal ‘please don’t happens’ of pony collecting.

Anyway, keep tuned as I want to do a little feature on G3 mold fakies in the next week!


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