Ah the Joy and Humour of Knockoffs

So yesterday on the way to college a new shop was opening. In place of the Woolworth’s in Canterbury there was a new Poundland opening.

So of course I had to go into there with my friend and see what if any fakies they had and other cheap toys. Once I have a chance I shall be adding some images.

They had a bunch of transformers fakes, one lot had a rather amusing name ‘Vanguard Defenders’ and had ripped off the logo of Transformers Animated

Some odd ‘warrior’ toys calling themsevles ‘Legend of the Dragon’ and they were riding:

An elephant

A polar bear

A tiger.


‘J.I. Joe toys’ I kid you not amongst all the ‘ninjas’ in this range looking badass and riding motorbikes, they have one on a horse.

And now the main point fakies. Under the ‘Funtastic’ brand which I’ve found have a lot of fakies I’ve been finding in stores they have made a G3 mould fakie, in the shop they had a choice of green, pink and peach coloured fakies. They come with the usual assortment of little hair accessories and generally look quite cute. They also had pairs of ‘hard plastic horses’ with plastic manes and tail and guess what? Combs and hair accessories.

I can picture some poor kid trying to brush the plastic hair now. I shall add pictures of the little green fakie with all the G3 mould fakies I am wondering how the heck they seem to have a mould for a G3 yet shrink it down. Maybe I should show off some of my G3 fakies, most are pretty convincing but one is absoutley terrifying. XD

I also picked up a rather cute little Polar Bear Teddy and there’s a bigger toy I found in a charity shop I may show you 😛


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