Feature: Fakie Plushies

Today I am attempting to make a ‘feature’ post about fakie plushies. Now I have little knowledge of them so I’m just fishing around and maybe someone can give me some imput.


First up we have this lovley G1 plushie I brought from an Arena member.  They are marked (C) 1983 Animal Toy Imports Inc. and is made in Korea. They have a ‘symbol’ on one side (which very kindly points out they are a pony. They remind me a bit of a Terracotta Horse…
They are a bit bigger than a normal G1 Collectors Pose plush, they are also a bit longer.

Now here’s another interesting ‘G1 plush fakie’ as shown to me by the MLPArena member Nappercasper, it is a fakie of a G1 pillow case she believes however it may be a hand made one. It’s the one with the open eyes

Now we have these three G3 plushies, there is a ‘yarn haired’ one with a hanging loop and two little clip and carries.  They are marked Tedi Gmbh & C0.KG They have G3 style eyes complete with the two highlights. The big one is about the same height as a Nanco plushie but shorter. The little ones are really titchy but super cute (actually they are all super cute). I brought these of a German MLPArena member so I guess that is some guidance toward their origin


Now from MlPArena’s BabyIceCrystal we have this, similar to the one I have but probabaly a ‘fakies of a fakie’

And this one which they believe has been seen in Walmart, it has a symbol on one side only like a G3

Now thats the little knowlege I have gleaned I’d like to know

Where they were sold

Any other designs/colour schemes

And anything else you can find, and if you have other styles of plushie fakie I’d love to see them. Let’s see how much we can learn!


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