To the Bootfair

Yesterday, for the first time in ages my brother and I got to head down the bootfair. Now we had to dodge the rain but this one was better equipted than my local, as they pulled up tarps and thankfully the rain stopped.

The only thing I regret was having to leave behind a G3 playset, sure I don’t really have the room for them and it has ponies I already had and well I couldn’t easily carry a big old bag full of playset (I had to do that when I found a Celebration Castle, and it wasn’t fun) I still felt rather fed up about leaving it. I also came across a lone Sparkleworks but I already own her and also a G2 Pony which I owe

Anyway, enough of my moaning. This is what I found yesterday along with a Jigglypuff bag I’m giving to my friend and some books.


I quite like the little McDonald’s pony, I am wondering what other colours they are as I have a blue one with a sun as a symbol, and finding the Keyper’s pony was pretty neat. The big fakie looks quite similar to one I had as a kid, but she was grey and white. And there is something quite weird about the little fakie’s eyes…
Poor little guy has a squint, makes them kind of cute.

And this pony has got to be one of the dirtest I’ve ever found… But I think it’s mostly surface dirt, phew

That reminds me, I really need to catch up on my pony cleaning…

Hang on, I forgot to mention these guys my mum found for me last week. Somehow she found three G3’s with princess outfits and a bunch of Build a Pony accessories. I thought that was pretty impressive as I’m in the UK


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