A Suprise….

So, yesterday there was a knock at the door and the Postman was there with a package, now at first I thought it was something else but then when I picked it up I realised it was sent from the UK. Intrigued I went upstairs and after battling the packing tape found something rather interesting…
Turns out, I was sent a RAPOK package (Random Act of Pony Kindness) and was sent a lovley Barnacle with his hat. Along with a bunch of other goodies (I love the earasers! and yes the chocolate has gone already)

Now, as you know I already have a Barnacle, but it’s such as nice gesuture and this one is so gorgeous (just look at his curls!) One thing I have noticed is my other Barnacle is more of a blue shade whilst this new guy is more greenish blue, fading? factory error? I’ll probabaly never know… (well, maybe if I ask on the Arena and Trading Post I’ll find out)


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