Selling On…

So, I finally decided to start fishing around on the MLPArena for a pricecheck on some baits I found during my big old cleaning and sorting estrvanganza. I orginally had grand plans to custom them myself but that fell through and the poor unloved baits are gathering dust.

Then just from that thread I posted I got a PM and guess what…

I sold nearly all my baits in one shot! I still have two left over and a few baity fakies but hey it’s progress right? I guess I should use whats left of my easter break to photograph the other guys who need new homes/people who have the time to customise and list them up.

Also, why is it when I don’t really have the money to get more ponies I get sent messages by people having $10 and under G1 sales, there’s a Minty and a Sprinkles in a sales gallery looking t me imploringly…


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