Monday Musings…

This drabble on a cold, windy and wet Monday afternoon has been sparked by a recent topic on the MLPArena. About ‘have you ever considered downsizing’ and it got me thinking that even though I’ve been a collector for probabaly only just over or under a year I’m thinking more.

See at the start I just had a Tutti Frutti I’d found at a fete, and then discovered a few childhood ponies a little while back. Then after a few months that went to about 14 ponies.

Now I have about 90ish ponies and the number is going up.

However I think I am already moving into a new ‘phrase’ of collecting. Not that long ago I was in a ‘OMG, gotta have them all, I want everything with ponies on’ phrase and was going willy nilly through the thrift shops and bootfairs (okay I still do) and my collection quadrupled. Not that long ago however I sat back and then decided I should make a want list. And then have made some leadyway in getting ponies of the list.

As you know I made a big effort to sort through everything, I realised I had more ponies than I thought and that I had more fakies than MLP. This shocked me somewhat and I also realised I have a pretty big backlog of ponies and fakies who need some TLC and that I have some baits I should probabaly sell on, although I wanted to customise I lack the time to do so.

I suppose what I’m trying to get at in my babble is I’m already maturing as a collector in a way. Although I haven’t been collecting that long, I’ve realised I need to ‘smarten up’ about how I collect, such as trying to focus on getting want list ponies, that I have more ponies to clean than I have time to do so, and that I have less space for my collection than I thought.

However I will still find it hard to avoid those cute little eyes of ponies imploring me to take them home.

Ahem now to lighten up this post I shall show you something I drew, this is my first fully coloured picture of a MLP that is not my persona, Clipper. The inital sketch was done last week as she was on my brain as I was waiting for her in the post…


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kar Red Roses
    Apr 07, 2010 @ 04:22:52

    The little darlings sure do have a way of multiplying, don’t they?
    Thinning the herd is really hard for most of us, because nearly every pony out there holds some aspect that we find appealing, and in many cases IRRESISTIBLE O_o How do you decide who stays and who goes?
    I don’t like pink but I have a score of pink ponies on my shelves because I like their symbols, or their hair colors, or they were gifts.
    If you discover a solution to this age old problem, do share about it on the TP!


    • starrypawz
      Apr 19, 2010 @ 15:06:56

      Aye, that they do, I swear sometimes I turn around and two more pop up. XD

      I think the ‘who should stay and who should go’ is an eternal condundrum I think us pony collectors will never solve.


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