So… I Made a Want List

So over the weekend I started that almighty task that many collectors do. I sat down cracked open a few pony sites and started to create a wantlist of ponies. I focused on G1 and G3 because to be fair G2 wise there’s only one pony I really want at the moment so until I resarch further my want list is G1 and G3 based.

Now when I started doing it I thought I’d only have say about 20 ponies from each generation that I’d want… WRONG! I ended up putting down at least 63 in each generation. However I do think a few of them are likley to be eternal pipe dreams for me, like Oakly the Moose. I shan’t retype my list here or else I’ll be here all day. But saying that, I am working on procuring a few already! (Including my first boy pony!)

But hopefully in theory doing this will help me focus more on who’d I like to have. Although I still won’t be avoiding those pleading eyes when I come across ponies at the Bootfair or Charity Shop. XD

This week I did reach a mini collecting goal, I finally got all the Dollymix ponies after a kind arena member (weevilqueen) sent me a spare Pinkie Pie. Once I can get on top of the chaos that is my turfed out pony corner I’ll get some pics. Also in a bargain bookshop chain I found a Core 7 based book, it’s a playboard book with cute little ‘bubble magnets’. And in another I found the ‘How to Draw My Little Ponies’ book complete with the Minty mistake.


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